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The Conversion of WAJA into a closed Joint-stock company

Ministerial ordinance No. O/50104 dated 08/08/1442H was issued of the approval on the conversion of WAJA limited into a closed Joint-stock company, and the decision of the company and its statutes’ conversion. And we hereby acknowledge that this conversion will serve the tendency of WAJA company in the future expansions and will maintain its stability […]

National Heroes Project

WAJA company won the submission in a competition to design, supply, and install the requirements of the National Heroes initiative Media campaign “Your pride is ours” at the Armed Forces Medical Services No, (40/24). WAJA confirms that the new contract enhances the company’s position in the State Labor Sector, in line with the company’s expansion […]

WAJA is the awarded bidder for the Change Management and Capacity Upgrade project tender for the Ministry of Justice.

His Excellency, the Minister of Justice approved the recommendation of the Bid Committee in its minutes 41/9096156 dated 28/02/1441H, that the project of Capacity Upgrade and Change Management to be awarded for a total of Thirty-nine million, seventy-one hundred, and six hundred (39,471,600 SAR) non-taxable Riyals for twenty-four (24) months. This project is an extension […]

Microsoft Database project of Saltwater Desalination Corporation (Saline Water Conversion Corporation)

On 27th Sep, 2017, the submission on the Microsoft Database integration project was approved under the No. 7492. This project is considered one of the strategic projects to be implemented by the Information Technology Sector in WAJA.