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Company Announcement: Opening Nominations for Board Membership

Company Announcement: Opening Nominations for Board Membership

Waja Company is pleased to announce to its esteemed shareholders the opening of nominations for membership on the Board of Directors for the upcoming term, starting from March 24, 2024, for a duration of four years, with the aim of electing four members.

Nomination for Board membership for the upcoming term will be in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Regulations issued by the Ministry of Commerce, in addition to the Corporate Governance Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority, along with the policies, standards, and procedures for Board membership (attached).

The election of Board members for the upcoming term will take place during the next General Assembly meeting, the date of which will be announced later, following the necessary approvals from relevant authorities.

Nomination Period Start Date: 19/06/1445 corresponding to 01/01/2024
Nomination Period End Date: 19/07/1445 corresponding to 31/01/2024

For more details, please visit the Tadawul website