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Cooperation Agreement between Waja and the German Vista company

Cooperation Agreement between Waja and the German Vista company

Waja has concluded a cooperation agreement with the German VISTA MEDIA & DESIGN company. The cooperation agreement aims to exchange and integrate experiences in the fields of construction and media

VISTA is one of the leading companies that has implemented huge projects in the following areas:

1. Research and development

2. Design and construction of museums and international scientific centers, the Clock Tower Museum in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, the Qur’an Oasis, the Museum of Islamic Sciences, the Museum of the Holy Places

3. Operation and maintenance

4. Construction

5. Exhibitions

6. The media

The projects that the two companies will cooperate in implementing will focus on construction works and engineering services, especially in the museums sector.

The GM of  Waja, Eng. Ibrahim bin Abdullah bin Al-Abdul Salam, noted that the signing of the agreement is the first step to establishing a new phase that will be considered a sign of the achievements that Waja will open in 2023 by developing the construction sector specialized in museums.