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WAJA closed joint-stock company

A power originating from Diversity

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WAJA Company

Closed Joint-stock company.

WAJA is a Closed Joint-stock company, based in Riyadh, engaged in the development of the local and regional economy in accordance with Vision 2030, through its pioneering and diverse business in providing the highest standards of quality and continuous enhancement of the value of its shareholders. WAJA possesses a team of long-term expertise, a robust network of partners and an expanding portfolio.

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About WAJA


We look forward to achieve leadership and growth in our various fields and areas of Business, and to establish strategic relationships with our clients and suppliers, through the constant development of our business paradigm to provide high-quality services to be elevated to the company’s sales and expansion objectives.



To strengthen our contribution in our various sectors of business, by empowering our task forces and mechanisms; to provide the finest services, gain clients confidence, and achieve profitability for shareholders and owners.



The company’s values mainly stem from its Government, and its ethical rules and principles. And through its authenticity, the company endeavor to maintain a good reputation with its clients, suppliers, partners, and the society in which the company operates, through the following priorities:

  • Attention to the clients.
  • Integrity in all interactions.
  • Continuing development and training.

Company Activities

WAJA Interior Design / WAJA Media Communication / WAJA Information Technology

WAJA company is a multi-sector company, with tree main affiliated activities in each of: Construction, Media & Communication, and Information Technology. The main objective is to contribute to development and modernization in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 with other fields and areas.

WAJA Milestones

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Years of Experience
Years of Experience
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Number of employees
Number of employees
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Number of Clients
Number of Clients
0 Clients
Under construction Projects
Under construction Projects
0 Project
Implemented Projects
Implemented Projects
0 Project

Quality and Ambition

WAJA company

We work together as one team

In WAJA, our professionalism underlay in providing high-quality, and efficient solutions within the Approved project management methodology, in accordance to the-state-of-the-art global safety and environmental parameters and systems, which has enabled us to expand our business and services within a short period of time, so as to ensure our clients the quality in our business and infinite perfection.

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Polarizing staff with outstanding performance and high passion.

We polarize staff with outstanding performance and high passion, by providing them with challenging professional opportunities and by offering them the chance to bring about positive change through their work. The company also provides its employees with the opportunity to do the work they have always dreamed of and innovated in implementing it, and gives them the necessary support and the appropriate environment for greater achievements.


Community Responsibility

Sensing its duty and responsibility towards society, WAJA company has contributed a number of training initiatives, both advisory and financial, to support various activities, programs, and projects during the course of its business.

Certificates and Classification

We apply the highest standards of quality and excellence.

iso 9001

iso 14001

iso 45001

Contracting classification